Reezom Nailed It! Unique Sports-Music Jingle Package for Radio Mars @Reezom_jingles


Reezom has just delivered to Radio Mars Morocco their new sound image, re-sung jingles. Radio mars is a radio station based in Morocco broadcasting over almost all of Morocco.

Its programming is a unique blend of sports and music. It broadcasts in French and Arabic. Its head office is located in Casablanca

The Reezom packages allow you to choose your musical bases. A selection of music made in their studio. This allows you to adapt your choice of jingles to your format. This formula of Jingles in “recall track” remains very affordable. It starts with the process of sound identity in your radio package while respecting your station’s personality. It also improves listener recall. Music is a powerful emotional vector that radically enhances brand recognition and preference. Branding, i.e. sound jingles and logos, can be used from the very beginning to impose a sound cue to listeners. This sound cue must be found on all your media.

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Radio Mars 2020 Demo