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Kiss108-Energized Jingles Are Blazin on this CHR Station

Heard here is an offair montage of ReelWorld ONE CHR jingles for Mix 93.3 Kansas City using the KISS108 Boston logo, uploaded by KCMike. ReelWorld ONE is The Most Comprehensive Updating Sonic Branding Service On The Planet. A massive library of custom Jingles, Music Beds, Imaging Workparts, Song Intros, Sonic Logos and Vocal Elements plus monthly updates to keep your station brand sounding current and musically on-trend. Learn more at http://reelworld.com/one

Other radio related news. How Mexicans listen to radio.

In 2019, the radio received an investment of 7 thousand 434 million pesos from brands and companies.

Smartphones represent the third most used device to listen to the radio.

Although for many it seems incredible, radio is still a means of communication that can be considered valid, both for audiences and for brands and companies; as we reveal in the Annual Study of Investment in Media 2019, the radio still receives a considerable amount of resources, even more than what newspapers, cinemas, directories and internet receive, at least in the case of Mexico, the number reported in the study it indicates that 7 thousand 434 million pesos were destined to this medium. With that data, it is also possible to confirm that it is still possible to find millions of people who spend a good part of their time listening to the radio.

According to the Digital Audio Studio of the IAB Mexico , radio is among the main ways of consuming entertainment, although it is placed below the Internet and Television in that regard. However, the way in which the radio is consumed has changed considerably thanks to the arrival of new technologies and devices.

In the graph of this day, with data from the previously mentioned study, we highlight what are the devices currently used for radio consumption in the country.

Interestingly, the conventional device for listening to the radio is the device most used today for this activity, 22 percent of those consulted in the study highlight using it to listen to programs. The second position, by percentage of users, is the car stereo, however, the study highlights that it is mainly when they are in the car that people decide to listen to the radio programs.

Finally, according to the information, the third most used device is smartphones, consumers find in these devices a practical tool for radio consumption because the ease of use is clear and also allow mobility.

Since it is possible to observe how the radio has adapted to new platforms or devices, it is possible to understand that it is a format that still has a lot to offer for both audiences and brands.

Z100, KIIS FM First 2020 Updated Sonic Branding from ReelWorld

New this month are fresh servings of sonic branding tools for 102.7 KIIS FM, Kiss 108, Cat Country 96, KDWB, 100.7 The Wolf, Sunny 99.1, KILT, Z100 New York from ReelWorld ONE.

ReelWorld ONE is the most comprehensive updating sonic branding service on the planet!

It’s a massive library of custom Jingles, Music Beds, Imaging Workparts, Song Intros, Sonic Logos and Vocal Elements plus monthly updates to keep your station brand sounding current and musically on-trend.

ReelWorld ONE is used by leading stations around the world and here is what they have to say about the service.

“Having ReelWorld ONE in the arsenal is like being on horseback, wielding shimmering audio steel that leaves a flaming trail in its wake. ” – Staxx Creative Services Director, Z100 New York

“ReelWorld ONE is more than just contemporary, it’s forward thinking. I know that I’ll get a sound that competitors will be trying to replicate and that keeps me ahead of the game. ” – Michael LaCrosse Program Director, K103

“When you want to strategically stamp your brand, ReelWorld ONE is the best. Easy to use. New custom elements every month. Our forward momentum couldn’t be better!” – Scott Roddy, Program Director, New Country 92.3

Have a listen to the recent highlight below and visit http://reelworld.com/one to find out more.

Kiss108 Sonic Logo is Time-tested, Highly Adaptable; These ReelWorld Jingles Prove

Posted by KCMike, these jingles for KSPW nailed it, thanks to ReelWorld. Using the Kiss 108 logo, the Power 96.5 six syllable station name fits magically and perfectly. Visit ReelWorld.com and follow their SoundCloud page here

Mix 96.1 using Kiss 108 Logo
Power 103 using Kiss 108 Logo
Q94 Using Kiss 108 Logo

Related news about SoundCloud. SoundCloud now allows its artists to distribute music on other platforms. Including the most popular services such as Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora.

Interestingly, the company ensures that those who use the service can retain 100% of their royalties that derive from the distribution of third-party platforms.

To be eligible for the Beta test of this feature, users must have to SoundCloud Pro or Unlimited account, have original music (or rights), be of legal age, have no copyright strikes, and have at least 1,000 views. during the last month in countries where SoundCloud monetizes.

A detail that is worth noting that the distribution capacity will depend on the plan, since SoundCloud Pro, which costs USD $ 72 per year, allows the distribution of one version to all the main services, while the Pro Unlimited of USD $ 144 per year offers distribution. unlimited

According to screenshots sent to the source, among the platforms eligible for distribution are Amazon, Apple Music, Deezer, Facebook, Instagram, Google Play Store, iHeart Radio, iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, Tidal and Napster.

SoundCloud mentions that users eligible for the beta version of this program will be notified via email, and once the music is sent for distribution the platform will offer an estimated date when the material will be live.

Kiss108 Boston Jingles From 10 Years Still Sound Fresh Today

Part of the March 2008 release, these ReelWorld ONE CHR jingles for WXKS Boston are still sounding fresh even next to today’s top hits.

This is the power, longevity power that is of ReelWorld jingles.

ReelWorld ONE is one of the many innovative radio jingle solutions from the Seattle-based company.

Every month fresh jingle themes are served from top of hour to weather beds and even produced IDs.

Get ReelWorld to help you #MakeGreatRadio, visit reelworld.com/one/chr

Here is what you get each month:

2 New Jingle Themes (with mixouts)
10 Produced ID Shells
4 Beatmix Shells
3 Logo Song Intros
2 Sonic Logos (Drone, Stinger and Tone version)

Access to an entire suite of:
Produced ID Shells
Beatmix Shells
News & Traffic Beds
Logo Workparts
Custom Vocal Kit
Key & BPM Charts

Dave Foxx on Kiss 108 (Imaging Montage September 2011)

In this recent imaging montage, Dave Foxx is heard on Kiss 108 as voice for station promos and imaging for the morning show Matty In The Morning.

Jeff Berlin continues to be heard on the station as voice for commercial spots.

The history of WXKS FM 107.9  goes back to 1960 when country station WHIL opened.

WXKS or Kiss 108 was born in 1979 with the “At Midnight by T-Connection” as the first song being played.

The station operated then with a disco format but before that year ended, WXKS morphed into an adult contemporary for.  It later evolved into a mainstream hit format.

Kiss 108 is home to the most popular morning show Matty in the Morning with Matt Siegel and was also once home to TV Personality Carson Daly.

Tad Bonvie on Kiss 108 1991

Personality: Tad Bonvie
Station: Kiss 108, WXKS Boston
Originally Posted: www.aircheckdownloads.com

The audio is available at www.aircheckdownloads.com. Get more updates using their Facebook page here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Aircheck-Downloads/128706277164469?Facebook=