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SQ8ROM is a sampled version of SQ8L, a VST plugin based on the sound and synthesizer architecture of the Ensoniq SQ80. SQ8ROM comes with 50 sounds, the remaining sounds are available as free expansions for a total of 168 sounds. SQ8ROM is a must-have if you produce synthwave, synth-pop, vaporwave, and any other 80s influenced genres.
Best of all, SQ8ROM will be forever free!


  • 168 sounds
  • Amplitude ADSR
  • Reverb
  • Multi-LFO
  • Can be used as a MSE file reader

Genelec is announcing three new products in its series The Ones , high-end of the well-known manufacturer that seeks to optimize the monitoring process from the integration of advanced calibration and compensation systems according to the room. They are two new monitors and a subwoofer, the latter so far nonexistent in the series, which now includes the renewed classic 8351 that receives an update with more compact size and better performance in the new 8351B , announced next to the new model 8361A , now the largest of the house, and finally the adaptive subwoofer W371A that wants to change the game within the company.

The Ones series has its own concept of Genelec that seeks to implement a design of three-way monitors that converge under a single signal routing point , which favors the search for signal neutrality, listening in reduced or field environments nearby, or high precision work, calibration, among others.

Genelec 835B
The 8351B expands existing technology in its predecessor to offer higher SPL (113dB), additional equalizers for room compensation, and improved response in high frequency filtering. It operates in a frequency range of 32Hz and 43kHz, with a 250-watt woofer, a mid-range of 150 watts and a tweeter of 150.

For its part, the 8361A model arrive to considerably expand the possibilities of the series, with woofer it is 500 watts, the average range of 150 and the tweeter of 150. It offers a frequency range of 30Hz to 43kHz and has the largest range dynamic, SPL of 118dB.

Genelec 8361
The W371A is a subwoofer with front and rear cones and the GLM signal configuration and calibration system, under a design specially designed to integrate with the Ones series monitors. 120 SPL, frequency range from 23Hz to 500Hz and a design with a height of just over a meter high.

Genelec The Ones calibration
As they comment in Genelec, it is not simply a complementary speaker for bass frequencies, but a revolutionary design within what has been achieved so far in systems with dedicated subwoofer, achieving great flexibility to control the propagation of low frequencies, the integration with the monitors of the series and even the control of frequencies that normally do not correspond to a subwoofer, which is usually between 85 and 150Hz at most, to lower between 18 and 25Hz. In the case of W371A we speak of a double cone with a capacity of a considerable medium range that exceeds 400Hz.

The subwoofer has three modes of operation that include flat and neutral as well as configurations for different sub location points in the monitoring room. Everything is calibrated from the dedicated software taking into account both the position of the listener and the monitor in space.

The new models of The Ones series will be available this year from the main distributors of the firm. The price is € 4140 for an individual 8351B, € 4920 for the 8361A and € 9120 for the W371A.