CHR Imaging FX Package, Over 90 SFX to download


Mark Chadwick aka Sonic the Prod-God is offering a package of over 90 high quality downloadable free imaging FX. Mark is an International VO/Producer. Any work enquiries please direct to, follow his prods at

To download, just click on the down arrow beside the Share button found on the right part of the player widget above.

In other radio related news…

In Africa, radio remains the best tool for informing the population, many have no access to the Internet or television and in this emergency caused by this health crisis.

“In these days of social distancing and confinement, radio has become a necessary service of ​​life for many people,” Father Apollinaire Cibaka Cikongo explains to Aid to the Church in Need organization about what is happening in the Democratic Republic of Congo . The priest of the diocese of Mbujimayi founded 10 years ago, with the support of the pontifical foundation, Radio Ditunga based in Ngandajika. Since the churches are now closed, the broadcaster, which has a transmission range over an area with about five million inhabitants, has adapted its schedule by dedicating more space to the celebration of the Eucharist, prayer and other special activities.

Radios for education

Following the closure of the schools, radio stations also decided to broadcast live lessons to allow teachers to reach their students. “It is a completely new experience for us – acknowledges Father Cibaka Cikongo. We started working with the Catholic educational center La Robertannaand since it deals with 153 families with children, we purchased small transistor radios to distribute to each of these families. ” And so Radio Ditunga offers two hours of lessons a day thanks to the teachers who go to its headquarters. And it is not only in the Democratic Republic of the Congo that radio has proven to be an essential tool. To sensitize the population about the measures taken against the coronavirus epidemic, but also to ensure pastoral services, Radio Sol Mansi, in Guinea-Bissau, transmits more catechesis and moments of prayer.

Ambassadors of hope

“Right now our mission is to act as ambassadors of hope for a society that fears the pandemic – says Sister Alessandra Bonfanti, deputy director of Portuguese radio -. We must continue to nourish the faith in hope, the hope that the world will return to normal if everyone does his part. ” Aid to the Church in Need supports several radio stations in Africa. Over the past five years, aid has been provided, as well as in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Guinea Bissau, in Angola, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Kenya, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Uganda, Central African Republic, Tanzania, Togo and Zambia. 35 projects were funded for the acquisition of technical equipment and for the production of new programs.