[VIDEO] Getting Exposed To The Marketing Component of Voice Work


Bill DeWees has just shared an awesome resource on the marketing component for voice talents.

He is the trusted voice of the world’s most trusted brands. Credits include Disney, Chevy, AmEx, Microsoft, NBC U., Warner Bros, Coke, Bosch, Adidas, and PGA Tour.

Visit BillDeWees.com and http://www.vosuccessformula.com.

Jeffrey Machado says:

Bill, Lance…this is simply fascinating. Being exposed to the marketing component of voice work over the past few months (thanks to you, Bill!) has been like a lightning strike to my perception of what makes a successful VO business in this day and age. I finally get it: I can’t just be a voice actor, I have to be a marketer as well. I can’t tell you how empowering and energizing this knowledge is…it’s like I FINALLY see the path ahead. Thank you SO much for the education, guys!

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