Why This Production FX Is The Choice of Leading Stations Across The Planet


More and more stations are using Sticky FX libraries for their productions. From The Netherlands to Seattle, Serbia to New York, they all say Sticky FX delivers!

“When doing station imaging, I love to work with one or two libraries that give it the station a distinct sound. X Calibur is an awesome addition to the rest of the Sticky FX packages which I already love using! Very punchy stuff!” says Maurice Verschuuren, Imaging Director at Joy Radio, The Netherlands.

“I’m stuck on Sticky FX cause Sticky FX is stuck on me! I’m called upon to create content at a moments notice and everything needs to be done yesterday, so I find myself editing my prod libraries down to their most usable cuts and tossing the clutter. I need to find an element as quickly as possible and with Sticky FX, I feel they have done the proper curating for me. I can always find the element that I need. From FLY IN’s to SIGNALS, HITS and DRONES. Each has a place in my production.” – Ricky Roo of Jamn 94.5 Boston.

“We are very pleased with X-Calibur for our imaging. HIT, IMPACT, STARTER and SEPARATOR sfx from this package are truly awesome, they basically fit everywhere. The whole X-Calibur package was the missing part in our production that we were looking for a long time. Radio Signal is ready for the summer 2014, loaded with fresh and sexy effects from Sticky FX :)” – Vladimir Vučinić, Radio Signal in Serbia.

“I am really digging Sticky FM. It’s a realy sharp sounding package that’s just aggressive enough without being too intense.” Dan Kelly, Creative Services Director at 95.5 PLJ New York.

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