Z90 San Diego Hits Home Run with Sound Quadrat 2014 Jingles


“These are just sick. Great job! I cannot thank U enough” – Greg Lawley, General Manager – Z90 – San Diego, USA

“Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove!” R Dub!, Director of Programming – Z90 – San Diego, USA

San Diego, home of the some of the world’s best beaches, theme, historical and national parks and the destination of the latest jingle package from Sound Quadrat.

Introducing Z90 2014, a unique package that hits a home run with today’s CHR radio.

A massive jingle library of 15 main IDs, ramps, shotguns and rapid fire cuts.

Originally created for Europe Plus in Moscow, now ready to put your station as a big mark in your radio market.

Z90 2014 is available now at SoundQuadrat.com


Ask for this package now and look for Oliver


About: Cutting edge 2014 jingle package for Russia´s biggest radio station.

Thierry Chamoux – Program Director Europa Plus, Moscow, Russia:
„Super! Total satisfaction for us and great envy for our competitors!!!“

Sergey Zelentsov – Production Director Europa Plus, Moscow, Russia:
„Great, modern sound and endless flexibility in customizing and workflow! Clear and useful stems sessions! Thanx a lot guys! You’ve made my day!”


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