New Audio Imaging Company Puts New ‘Colour’ On Radio


Introducing Coloured Noise – an audio imaging company founded by creative audio wizard James Lawson. Based in the UK, the company has been working with clients around the world to achieve their market niche.

Engineering highly creative audio production, ‘Coloured’ believes that they can quench your need for creative content. Working day in day out around the clock, they really don’t believe in the whole nine till five thing. When you work in an industry that requires extreme attention twenty four seven – there is no space for down time or slacking.

With a team of thriving producers, script writers and brain storming geniuses, they have the perfect combination to make your next projects and ideas become reality.

Backed by a young pioneering imaging producer (James Lawson) Coloured Noise has started the gain of a reputable name, since the first days of word. James has been ‘sculpting audio’ since his early days of 12/13. Taking advice, watching over others, listening to producer podcasts and checking out hours on end of tutorial videos, James finally decided to take it upon himself to get out into the industry and make a stance.

His most recent clients vary from the UK, to France and Spain. One of the company’s recent assignments was for an internet station named “Click Radio”. Launching last September with the successful minds behind previous high ranking internet stations, they decided that their new flagship station needed something special, something to keep an ever moving crowd branded.”

To hear more about Coloured Noise visit and contact James now.

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