Benztown Launches New Voice-Over Blog


Benztown Branding had just launched a new online community for radio voice-over talent at

The blog will be a collaborative forum for readers who are interested in starting, building or learning about careers as a radio voice-over artist.

Topics discussed will include: the right gear, effective VO demo’s, networking, marketing, building a VO booth, scheduling/prioritizing jobs, new plug-ins, processing tricks, weird stories, and “a day in the life” of a VO artist. Benztown encourages reader contributions, content suggestions, questions, demo submissions, and anything that might be of value to your fellow VO artists.

Initial posts feature Voices of the Week, Harry Legg, Chuck Matthews, and Rachel McGrath and videos like “Don LaFontaine – The Voice” and “How to set up your home studio”.

Benztown recognizes that radio voice-over and imaging is an art that often goes overlooked. They created the blog as an educational resource and community for current VO talent and up-and-comers to share their knowledge and experiences. Whether you’re a newcomer to the radio voice-over business, a legendary VO artist, or a radio DJ, this blog will help you save time and improve your skills, enhancing the overall quality of your work. Information will be delivered via video tutorials, pictures, posts, graphics, and interviews and will provide the voice-over community with a forum for collaboration, sharing great ideas and tips, and inspiring creativity… Most of all, it’s a blog about talent helping talent.

About Benztown

Benztown Branding is an international radio imaging, production library, and voice-over services company with over 1,000 affiliations on six different continents. With offices and studios in Los Angeles, New York, and Stuttgart, Benztown Branding offers the highest quality imaging workparts for twenty libraries across thirteen formats including AC, Hot AC, CHR, Country, Urban, Rhythmic, Classic Hits, Rock, News/Talk/Sports, and JACK. Benztown Branding also provides custom voice-over and imaging services across all formats.

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