CHR, Talk Format Stations Reveal Essentials for Production FX @StickyFX


Talk station Live Wire Radio and CHR powerhouse Radio Veronica have shared what really lifts their station productions and make them stand out from the competition.

Live Wire Talk station is not afraid of mixing and matching their production elements, a bold departure from the usual conservative, less effects approach of traditional talk or news radio production approach.

CHR juggernaut Radio Veronica is also going all in in their productions while at same time keeping a balance between punchiness and edginess and sweetness and subtlety.

Both stations prefer the libraries offered by

“We have been using Sticky FX for the last year and think it is absolutely great how audio that once sounded quite boring on its own can be just lifted with great production elements. Definitely recommended to those who want to add that extra spice to the mix.” – Live Wire Talk Radio Team.

Radio Veronica Imaging director Guido Sprenger says:

“Sticky FX contains the greatest work-parts you need for a very good price! Not just short fx, but beats, fillers, drones, beds, it’s all in there. These parts are going to make us stand out from the competition! It’s punchy and edgy but also subtle and sweet at the same time! This stuff really smokes! It’s going to make my work a lot easier and more fun to add a new dimension to my productions, thanks Sticky FX!”

Whether talk radio or CHR station, never afraid to experiment and make it point to stand out from the rest.

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