Sound Freqz & Mike Young Studio Launch iD-Fi


Building off of the continuing success of the “Sound Freqz” boutique style audio imaging libraries, Sound Freqz decided to mix it up a bit and produce something a little different this time by making it a collaboration.

“As I started to produce what would have been the next Sound Freqz library, I thought that it would be cool to create something a little bigger than my past libraries. I told Mike Young my ideas and we joined forces to create a package that we decided to call “iD-Fi”.

“We know that we are not revolutionizing the audio imaging world for radio, but we have definitely added a much needed twist into the mix with it’s cinematic, atmospheric, cyberculture influence”. There are some fun new categories in this library that will inspire a lot of creativity!

Hear the demo & grab your 6 FREE tracks now!


[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Listen to iD-Fi Demo” dl=0][ad#radjinconr200x90links]

DJ Mathematics from the Legendary Wu-Tang Clan:

DJ Mathematics

“Don’t think this is only for the radio guys, these sounds fatt’n up Dj mixes for your mix cd’s, you can insert them and use them in your serato while you’re rockin a party, a club or performing live with your crew like i do! This is your favorite Dj’s secret weapon. iD-Fi will help mixtapes, websites and DJ shows sound professional, huge and incredibly RIDICULOUS!!! Trust me, I used it on my new full-length album “The Answer” dropping later this year featuring Method Man, Redman, Raekwon and more! “

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