Take the iD-Fi $1,000 Production Challenge


$1,000 cash will be awarded by the iD-Fi producers to the “best of the bunch.”
Here is how to enter to win:

1. Visit the iD-Fi web page.

2. Download the 10 Free iD-Fi Challenge Tracks.

3. Using your station’s voice, call letters and statement, produce a 10-to-30 second track using only tracks out of the iD-Fi 10-track Challenge download. The object is to hear who can be the most creative, having the same element palette to work with; it’s a challenge and a level playing field. You may also use those 10 tracks anywhere else in your productions or on the air,as a free demo of the library.

4. Submit your entry via e-mail to Radio Express no later than June 15, 2011.

5. All entries will be judged by iD-Fi producers Joe D’Agostin and Mike Young. The winner will be announced Monday, June 20.  Judges’ decision is final.  Prize money will be awarded June 30th.  By entering the contest, you give iD-Fi permission to use your name, station name and the audio track in further promotion of iD-Fi.