Most Explosive Jingles from Europe/UK this 2015 @wbjingles @capitalofmedia


“Even though they have just hit the air, I’m already looking forward to our next project, cause man, this new stuff is epic!”

These are the words of Chris Hartgers of Radio 538 when their 538 jingles went live.

The IDs are produced by Wise Buddah London in consultation with Anthony Timmers of Capital of Media.

Radio 538 is Holland’s number 1 station and Anthony and Chris did a great in the conceptualization to the production of the sung IDs.

The Top of Hour is designed to make an impact, putting the legendary six note logo at the core of the theme and a sound design that speaks of today’s music.

It contains five main thems,four shotguns, three elements such as news, weather and traffic and for the first time bazookas.

Bazookas are a brand new imaging element taking advantage of the sonic logo.

Listen to the entire package at Wise Buddah now.

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