Spine Is Both Revolutionary And Evolutionary Jingle Company, Here’s Why


RadioJinglesPRO.com is proud to present the opening of a brand new jingle company, Spine Jingles, announced just recently during The Imaging Days 2015.

Anthony Timmers and Jean-Paul van Druten are the brains behind the new company and the concept is simple but right on – “Rethinking Jingles”.

The two is what I describe as radio jingles dream time. Their combined portfolio includes NRJ, Radio 538, Warner Bros., MTV, Sky Radio, BBC Radio 1 and WKTU.

October 5, 2015 will be remembered as the day when the people at The Imaging Days were sent chills down their spines (pardon the pun) with this revolutionary and at the same time evolutionary jingle company – Spine Jingles.

Anthony shared the concept behind it:spine-jingles-logo

“The origin of jingles is fading more and more. With Spine we bring back the original structure, combined with contemporary sounds and production styles. But also our workflow has completely changed. Spine is creating the “Spine Backpack”: a database consisting of a wide variety of ’now sounding’ jingles.

With our concept “Rethinking Jingles” we also provide more sustainability of our cuts, there’s a clear production link to the playlist – but will not have sound-a-likes as result. So in terms of jingles: we got your back!”.

Jean-Paul van Druten added,”Exactly! 🙂 “.

On SpineJingles.com the introduction of the company can be heard and viewed again, of course lot’s of new productions can be found on the site. Also via Twitter (@spinejingles) and Facebook (/spinejingles), Spine will be giving updates.

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