Vocal Drops Vol 1 for Radio Producers – RadioImagingShop.com


It’s a staple for radio producers – Vocal Drops! Ear-grabbing, attention-keeping audio elements that will make any radio imaging, commercial spots and promos standout! RadioImagingShop.com has packaged a library of these most wanted elements with the Vocal Drops Vol 1 package.

Podcasting, DJ mix shows, radio stations, this is a must have.

You also get all vocal drops – without the sound FX. So you can mix it any way you want.


Download here: https://radioimagingshop.com/product/vocal-drops-volume-1

1.Please Welcome
2.Welcome this is…
3.You are listening to the best music in the universe.
4. This is the sound track of your nightlife.
5. One hour of the best electronic dance music.
6.Three, two, one. Lets get started.
7.This is the tune of the week.
8.The greatest hits from the best artists around the world.
9 Live in the mix.
10.Make some noise.
11.Lets go on a musical journey.
12.Welcome, to the latest episode.
13.We are on air.
14.We are on air.Get ready for one hour of…
15.Are you ready for take off?
16.One hour of the best electro and house music.
17.c Volume up, get ready, lets go.
18.Lets get started.
19.The best music from the four corners of the world.
20.The number one track of this episode…
21.Get ready everybody.
22.The time has come to introduce you to the next level of music…
23.The top 40 artist charts.
24.On the floor and taking your requests…
25.You’re live in the mix with…
26.You’re listening to the hottest beats from…
27.Tearing it up live.… in the mix.
28.Hit music station.
29.Pure energy.
30.You’re now listening to…
31.Play all the hits.
32.Enjoy this trip.
33. Are you ready for the weekend.
34. Are you ready… you are now in session.
35. This set.. wil Blow your Mind