Get EFX+ 10 Free with Auto-Tune Producer


Auto-Tune Producer delivers a suite of creative tools curated especially for home studio producers and vocalists ready to take their music to the next level.

Now includes the NEW Auto-Tune Access 10!

Get a FREE perpetual license for Auto-Tune EFX+ 10 with an annual subscription to Auto-Tune Producer! A $229 value!

Discover the collection of our most creative effects for producing professional quality music from anywhere you are.

Turn your home studio into a hit factory with many of the same vocal production tools the world’s leading producers rely on in professional studios.

Vocal sampling, innovative creative effects, and authentic Auto-Tune pitch correction are all here to help you generate new musical ideas from scratch.

With access to informative tutorials and free technical support, you’ll have the knowledge you need to start creating new music quickly and easily.

What’s Included With Auto-Tune Producer:

  1. Auto-Tune EFX+ 10 combines the core features of Auto-Tune with the powerful ​EFX​ modular multi-effects rack.
  2. Auto-Tune Access 10 puts authentic Auto-Tune capabilities within reach of everyone.
  3. Auto-Tune Vocal EQ – Engineered specifically for vocals, Auto-Tune Vocal EQ isolates and accentuates precise frequencies to make vocals sound smoother and shine in the mix.

“Antares plug-ins are an irreplaceable part of my workflow and sound. Every single project I work on has Harmony Engine and multiple versions of Auto-Tune on them.”

  • Kenny Beats

Vince Staples, Rico Nasty, and KEY!

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