1430 AM ESPN Radio Fresno Maintains Airtime Amidst Storm


Most of the damage from floods in the Fresno area has been restricted to streets and other street-level structures. In light of this, government organizations are keeping an eye on the situation in real time and providing sandbags for the most rudimentary kind of flood mitigation.

Media outlets across the state advise residents to stay informed, having food and water emergency supply, as well as a battery-run or hand-crank radio, besides physical protection.

Radio stations in the area are making every effort to continue broadcasting despite the storm.

Jose Gonzalez, program director and host at 1430 ESPN Radio in Fresno, said, “My show is a sports morning show, so my job is to talk about sports, but I always open up every show talking about weather and talking about circumstances across the Central Valley. Radio is everyone’s primary tool for getting information; it’s in every automobile. It is all over.”

Due to the weather, the station had trouble broadcasting, with internet disruptions hurting streaming and broadcasting capabilities as well as a power loss at one of the transmitter sites.

The station is taking extra measures to ensure that it can broadcast throughout the storm.

Former KVPR broadcaster and current journalism professor Kathleen Schock discussed the value of radio and the obligation to disseminate news during emergencies.

“We faced a situation where the wildfires were threatening our tower.  The station’s efforts to maintain airtime speak to how important radio is in times of crisis or public emergency.”

Shock continued by pointing out that the Valley’s digital divide also emphasizes the value of radio, stating that for people without access to the internet at home, radio can deliver a trustworthy information source more swiftly than any other kind of media.

County and local officials advise being ready with a basic emergency supply kit while also continuing to monitor developments. The website ready.gov, which was created to provide advice on what to do in an emergency, lists suggestions for what to pack.