2023 Must-Have Voice Presets for Imaging, Promos, Commercials from RadioImagingShop.com


Frank Koster and the team at RadioImagingShop.com announced the release of brand new presets template in Adobe for male and female voices. The aim is to have the right settings for radio imaging.

They also added presets for voiceovers for commercials and promos.

For more information and a tutorial watch the product links below.


Adobe Template 2023 – Total Pakket for:

 Radioimaging preset setting male and female

 Commercial preset setting male and female

Shortkeys  To templates inside:

Shift + 1 = Total Template Showing everything (also what is going on with the busses)

Shift + 2 = Template Male Voiceover – Radio Imaging

Shift + 3 = Template Male and Female Voiceover – Radio Imaging

Shift + 4 = Template Female Voiceover – Radio Imaging

Shift + 5 = Template Male Voiceover – Commercial Voice

Shift + 6 = Template FeMale Voiceover – Commercial Voice

Also including:

  • Radioimagingshop’s Little Bit FX
  • de demo – Voices