This new feature on Audials Radio App in Taiwan is a plus for radio aircheck enthusiasts and listeners


On Windows, iOS, and Android, Audials Radio now allows recording for free alongside being an international and ad-free radio station player.

There are many free radio station services available today, whether they are found on the Internet, in the App Store, or on Google Play. However, because they are free, the majority of them contain annoying advertisements. This recommends one that is not only completely ad-free but also offers a free radio tool called “Audials Radio” with a “recording” function that can be used without registering.

Many platforms are supported by Audials Radio; in this case, one can use the iOS version as an illustration. The suggested channels and the channels you’ve added to favorites are displayed on the app’s home page after it’s opened. At the bottom is a menu bar that includes Home, Radio, Podcast, and Music. At the bottom under Radio is a list of countries, and under Genres is a list of music categories.

Click the desired radio station to begin listening after discovering it.

The bottom of the page has various functions for the playback interface.

The second feature is the popular recording feature. It has the ability to record live broadcast content. You can use this option to record a program you want to listen to but can’t focus on while you’re listening so you can play it again later. It’s unfortunate that this recording lacks a scheduling feature.

It even includes an alarm clock feature, which is excellent. Your preferred radio station plays when you wake up every morning, and you can adjust the volume. Don’t forget to activate the Alarm lock screen.

Additionally, it has a timer that stops the music automatically so that you don’t have to get up to turn it off manually. This feature allows you to use it while you’re sleeping and listen to music.

Both the standby and the measured background playback work just perfectly.

People can use it to listen to podcasts in addition to radio stations because it has such function.

You can find the radio shows and songs you recorded using the recording feature in Music.

This is very much helpful for enthusiasts such as radio airchecking, mixtape recording dating back to the 80s, and record interviews of their favorite artists.


The amount of channels gathered by Audials Radio might not be as large as comparable Taiwanese free radio apps, though. It is advised to give it a try if you enjoy this one. It’s fine to use and extremely great sans advertisements. Recording is quite useful.