Cardigan Internet Radio’s Future Promising


Cardigan Internet Radio has great potential to expand’ 

Director Bobby Kelly, who stated in his annual report that the independent radio station’s development had surpassed all expectations. 

Bobby Kelly said that in 15 months they have accomplished a lot. 

“We’ve had a presence in the center of Cardigan, and we’re enthusiastic about the station’s expansion in 2023 thanks to a number of planned upgrades that will raise the caliber of our production and enhance the membership experience.”

“Cardigan Internet Radio is doing a great job of airing unique live programming from neighborhood presenters, but despite this success we can do a lot more,” the station said.

“I believe that Cardigan and the surrounding areas still have a ton of potential, and I want to inspire the community to become engaged and build Cardigan Internet Radio. 

You won’t pay anything to join, and in doing so, you’ll gain new knowledge, make friends, and support a rising Independent voice in the center of Cardigan’s community. 

Locals can broadcast on Internet radio and share their work online with the help of free training provided by Cardigan Internet Radio. 

Since September 2021, it has been broadcasting at 2 Pwllhai, and it presently has nine presenters who broadcast a variety of programming, including Country, Rock, Electronic, Lifestyle, Politics, D&B, and more. 

Visit to listen to Cardigan Internet Radio.