Top Format Turns NPO 3FM Audio On To The Next Level

To reinforce the programming shift at NPO 3FM, the on air sound of the station has been refreshed by Top Format Productions. According to the NPO 3FM team, the new package fits perfectly with their new slogan ‘We Want More’ and an updated station playlist. 

This was a special cooperation with the NPO 3FM jingle team and Top Format. All music and sung vocals are made by Top Format. This new package is on air since Monday September 12, 2022 and contains 10 main ID’s including a new Top of The Hour.  

Dave Albers, Creative Director, Top Format Productions BV

“We want more” is the new NPO 3FM station slogan. That is what station manager Menno de Boer said in the podcast ‘Dit Was De Radio’. “It has to fit in well with the music we play. And with that, we also have to update the sound.”

The station manager also indicated what he wants to change. 

“3FM is een makelaar in misery geworden. Een bezorgde zender met een format dat niet echt te duiden valt en alle kanten opschiet.”

“Ze droegen de zender niet als een team. We gaan nu muziek belangrijker maken. Er werd teveel geluld en de muziek was maar bijzaak. Daarnaast moet de positiviteit en het plezier in radiomaken weer terugbrengen.”

The new jingle package jives perfectly with the refreshed programming. chatted with Dave Albers, Creative Director at Top Format Productions on the creative process.

RJPRO: How was the production process, what was the task given by 3FM?

NPO 3FM and Top Format aimed to create a jingle package that accompany the new brand strategy of NPO3FM.

In total 10 jingles / cuts are custom made.

RJPRO: When creating this package, were there specific songs you used as sort of inspiration for the production?

The briefing is build around descriptions and references like: Tate McRae, Foals, Harry Styles, Festivals and very tight drums.

RJPRO: How does your creative team balance between relatability (meaning the jingles are as recognizable as the songs played on air at 3FM) and remarkability (or how the jingles still stand out)?

In a very organic way: the mission really is to melt the “3” simultaneously with the core songs from NPO3FM. It works both ways: branding the new sonic logo in a strong and positive key to build instant recognizability ánd build a credible music track in front of the sonic that breaths the energy and music vibe of the brand.

RJPRO: Will this package be available for syndication or be resung outside of Europe or the Americas, such as Asia?

Yes. As any custom Top Format package the framework of each cut is available as customized syndication throughout the international radio and streaming markets.

RJPRO: The station has a new slogan “We Want More”, how did this new identity translate to the production and final sound of the jingles?

Literally by adding More musicality into each jingle. More recognizability in the vocal melody and more detail into the Mastering so that the audio imaging team at NPO3FM can adjust all of the cuts with the new stations voices.

RJPRO: It’s definitely the 2020s now, as they say in the media, it’s the time for the Gen Zs, what difference have you noticed in the production of jingles compared to, say, 10 years ago, aside of course from the new technology. Has the essence of station jingles evolved? Or is it still the same? 

The essence of audio imaging is in a constant movement. Due to production techniques, plugin updates, vocal talent and how audio branding is involved to fulfill the 360 strategy.  

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