Sticky FX Power Breakers: Add some extra drama and epic starts to your production


Feel like breaking up stuff? Here’s the imaging library that does just that!

We know that working as an imaging producer sometimes can be tough and frustrating. When deadlines creep up, finding the right FX and work parts can get you to the point you want to break up everything. Now there’s a library that helps you with just that! Power Breakers contains 200 imaging elements that will make your job as an imaging director so much easier.

Break up your production or reassemble elements with really all kinds of Breakers. Including 50 Blockers for when you want a brutal switch to another scene and check out the 15 Starters to give your production some extra speed to start off with. Subtly accentuate parts of the message in your imaging with the 50 Switchers or slam it right into the listeners ears with the 30 Blasts. Need to end or wind down whatever you’re producing? Use one the 30 Stoppers in all styles and intensities.

When you want to add some extra drama and epic starts to your production, just line up one of the 25 bonus Launchers that will give your radio-, tv- or podcast show a flying start. Whatever you feel like breaking up! Power Breakers does the job! 

Checkout the audio demo at: get it now with 20 euro introduction discount for a limited time at:

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