20 Transition Sound FX – Swoosh, Impact and More (ZIP File)


20 free transition sfx you can use for your media production, including impact, swooshes, transitions, cinematic sfx, hits and bangs. Get the zip file using the page here https://goo.gl/4yNmJm . The publisher expresses its consent for your commercial or non commercial usage.

Radio had become a medium of information before the advent of television. Last week, the 13th of February was set to be World Radio Day.

By the twentieth century, two male Serbian-American scientists, Nikola Tesla and Italian physicist, Guglielmo Marconi, were face to face in the race to create radio. Until now it was not known who the inventor of the radio must have been.

After emigrating to the United States in 1884, Tesla discovered the induction coil, an important device for sending and receiving radio waves and a US Patent Office. But in 1895, fire destroyed Tesla’s laboratory as he prepared to send a radio signal about 50 miles (80 kilometers) to West Point, New York.

Meanwhile, Marconi had conducted his own experiments and in 1896. He sent and received Morse code-based radio signals at distances spanning nearly 4 miles (6 kilometers) in England, as reported by How Stuff Work , Thursday (02/13/2020) .

In the same year, he submitted an application, and was given the world’s first patent in the field of wireless telegraphy in the United Kingdom.