Pors Impact Creative – Radio Jingles with Longevity


Be it CHR, AC, Hot AC or Lite AC, Pors Impact Creative is your dependable partner for powerful branding and imaging. Its growing CHR catalogue of radio jingles, for instance, are now heard in stations around the world.

Mix & Joy is a contemporary hit radio jingle package that covers all the basics and more. From pop, rock, urban to dance, Mix & Joy is an epic package consisting of 17 themes that highlight your station’s identity effectively. It also comes with News, Weather and Traffic.

Today’s CHR and Modern Hot AC formats have more diversified playlists than ever. The Mix & Joy package delivers both versatility and utility. But with ever changing playlist entries, Mix & Joy comes with a sound of longevity, so the jingles never burn out.

Henrie Pors, founder of Pors Impact Creative, made it his lifelong commitment to create professional, outstanding radio jingles for stations around the world.

“At the age of six I started to learn piano and from that time I have been enchanted by the beautiful sounds that came from simply pressing a key or two. In over thirty years as a professional composer, I have created an innovative trail with custom made music. This turned out to Pors Impact Creative. Pors Impact Creative is the ongoing manifestation of my lifelong passion for music”

Henrie Pors, founder of Pors Impact Creative

To hear more, visit https://www.pors.nl/jingles.html and contact the Pors Impact Creative team now https://www.pors.nl/contact.html