Broken Air Beds – Always and instantly the perfect bed for your production


Give your imaging the energy and speed you need with Broken Air Beds. From the creators of Broken Air, a library with beds only. 150 brand new tracks that haven’t been featured in any Broken Air libraries before.

High energy production music beds that are perfect for promos, jingles, leaders and trailers. The cuts in Broken Air Beds are divided into 15 themes. Each theme comes in 3 different mix outs including the Full Mix, Light Mix and a Beat Mix, so you can tailor each bed to your specific needs. Reassemble them just the way you want them to sound, the possibilities are endless. A bonus Drone mix from each theme is also included.

Each mix out in Broken Air Beds comes in 60, 30 and 10 second versions. Whether you’re producing a promo, talk-over bed or a station ID, you’ll always instantly have the right cut for your production. With the different mix outs and lengths from each theme you can easily adapt to whatever energy level you need for your production. 150 tracks that give you total production freedom!

Broken Air Beds is also available in a bundle with all Broken Air libraries.

Checkout the audio demo at:

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Broken Air Beds is a Sticky FX & Streemmedia collaboration.