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From seasoned sound designer Ian Sturgeon comes the newest and no-frills multiplatform audio solutions – Soundsquatch ( .

Soundsquatch is music and FX for radio, podcasts and video – the sound you’re looking for actually exists! Launched this week, Soundsquatch comes in three offerings, Soundsquatch Startup Pack for $9.99 usd, Soundsquatch Unlimited for $49.99 usd and Trial Package for $1.99 usd.

Soundsquatch Unlimited $49.99

The Soundsquatch Unlimited packages covering everything. Get the sound you need for all your radio, podcast, and video projects without worrying about copyright issues!

  • The Professional Plan – $49.99/Month or $299.99 per year.
  • 1000’s of new tracks per year
  • Wide variety of styles, and genres
  • Up to 1/2 page FREE voiceover per month
  • Custom elements by request. If they don’t have it, Ian will make it for you!

Soundsquatch Startup Pack $9.99 – is perfect if you are a student, or college radio station that would like to use their products in non-commercial or monetized manner.

Trial Package $1.99 – gives you 99 tracks of royalty free music & sound effects for just $1.99. Use them in radio, podcast, and video projects without worrying about copyright issues.

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