PURE Jingles – A high level of NRJ


NRJ France and its worldwide affiliates have expanded their PURE Jingles sound with  another batch of station idents, plus news, weather & traffic beds.  

In a client video on PURE’s website, brand manager Gaël Sanquer shares his love for  Top 40 radio with powerful processing and bold branding. “The typical NRJ sound is  creative, fresh, and something that cannot be heard on another radio station. We’re  creating a new package every 6 months in order to have something very up to date.”  

Carte blanche  

“Being part of their brand since 2008, we’re always aiming for the next level”, PURE  sales director Thomas Giger says. “NRJ is basically giving us carte blanche to shape  their on-air sound. Our team finds inspiration in the station’s hit rotation to stay close  to leading-edge trends.”  

Apart from ever-evolving music cycles, there are other forms of constant innovation.  “Together with NRJ, we’re coming up with add-ons. Recently, we’ve included tempo  transitions for natural segues from song to song. And sound-wise, voice inserts and  playful ad-libs are crisp ingredients in the vocal mix.”  

Jingle package  

The jingles of NRJ (internationally also branded as ENERGY) are now being heard in  25 markets, and featured in the PURE Jingles showcase.  

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