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Smack Trax, Distinctive Sonic Branding from Brandy Jingles

MNM, the youth brand of public broadcaster VRT, has launched its newest jingle  update. “The reactions from DJs and listeners tell the story: this is another  magnificent package,” says Bart De Raes, Imaging Director at MNM. BRANDY has produced a series of new station IDs, styling for theme weeks such as  Marathon Radio and end-of-year celebrations. In addition, several programmes have  received their own generic, one of which was played by a small symphonic orchestra. 

The Smack Trax series is now in its 7th edition. Together with MNM’s management,  BRANDY devised a clear line for the station’s unique sonic branding. 

Bart De Raes: “With familiar recipes, but also with a serious dose of innovation, Brandy has  succeeded perfectly in finding the balance between a classic radio jingle and a modern  sound like you hear in music today. A crazy idea – we want a programme tune played by a  live band – can become reality. And how!” 

With these kinds of productions, we can illustrate our team’s versatility,” says Tom Van der  Biest, Brandy’s Creative Director. “Every time MNM knows how to challenge us, not only in  sound but also in coming up with sonic branding that answers all the needs of this digital  media age. And it’s especially nice when we can once again produce something that you  don’t hear anywhere else.” 

Here’s how the new jingles sound:

MNM is the youth station of the Dutch-language public broadcaster VRT. The station draws a daily  reach of 8,9% and a market share of 7,7% (C.I.M. RAM Mar-Jun 2021). MNM brings contemporary  hits and lots of information for and by young people.  

Brandy is a European consultancy and production company, based in Brussels, specialising in on-air  branding for media companies, hear more at https://www.brandy-jingles.com

Brandy Adds More Sizzle to LFM, Joe, MNM On Air Sound

The Summer of 2021 made a new mark in radio from the world leader of audio branding BRANDY Jingles. Dubbed the hottest summer yet in the Brandy studios, expect more branding quality staring autumn and the beginning of next year on radio stations all over Europe.

And of course, there had to be a build-up to these warmest months. Ukuleles, ocean drums, slide whistles, congas, bongos, … were brought in and out, so that summer fairly splashes from the radio.

Listen to these sounds for LFM, MNM and Joe. Hear more at www.brandy-jingles.com.

MNM Pops With Smack Trax 4 by Brandy

BRANDY has restocked the SMACK TRAX package again with 6 cuts: 5 super sing- along jingles and a special programme-theme. Poppiness and a broad inviting feel were the focal points during the making of this package.

For many years, BRANDY and MNM have been working together for the production of station’s on air design. MNM wants to make a clear difference with its jingles: to sound contemporary and innovative, without losing musicality or functionality.

Bart De Raes, responsible for the netflow of MNM, is very happy with the collaboration:

“It’s so nice to be closely involved in the production process. The briefing is followed up with a lot of care, all the while leaving room for debate and discussion. This is a jingle package like we wanted it, that is tailor-made”.

Meanwhile, the SMACK TRAX series consists of almost 30 cuts and hundreds of mixouts. It is built around the recognizable 3-note logo and the baseline “Music and More” and is also available for resings.

Discover an aircheck via: https://soundcloud.com/brandingcompany/smack-trax-vol-4

MNM is the youth station of the Dutch-language public broadcaster VRT. The station draws a daily reach of 12,68% and a market share of 10,28% (C.I.M. RAM Mar-Jun 2019). MNM brings contemporary hits and lots of information for and by young people.

Visit https://www.brandy-jingles.com to hear more.

Brandy Jingles Now On 7th Year Creating Contemporary, Solid Hot AC Branding for MNM @BrandyJingles


BRANDY Jingles has added 5 new cuts to the SMACK TRAX series, a jingle family for urban flavored Hot AC.

The style and feel of the jingles are greatly inspired by contemporary European hits. MNM, the Belgian public broadcaster’s youth station, has been partnering for its imaging with BRANDY for 7 years now.

In 2011, BRANDY created the foundation for MNM’s rock-solid sonic branding. The latest jingle update is the result of a close collaboration with Bart De Raes, who is responsible for MNM’s station flow.

The SMACK TRAX series currently consists of 20 cuts built around the instantly recognizable 3-note logo and the ‘Music and More’ baseline.

Listen to an aircheck via: https://soundcloud.com/brandingcompany/smack-trax-vol-3

Smart Trax – When CHR Stands for Character @BrandyJingles

BRANDY Jingles has just launched 5 new cuts in the SMACK TRAX series − answering the demand for an alternative to the typical busy and noisy CHR sound. The distinctive vocals − full of character − and the strongest musical
production values give the package a unique classy sound.

The new jingles were tailor-made for MNM, the youth station of Belgium’s VRT public broadcaster.

More and more CHR stations are looking for an alternative to piercing sound effects and booming beats. But at the same time they want to sound both current and urban.

“I take the fact that radio producers come to Brandy with unusual assignments as a compliment,” says Tom Van der Biest, Brandy’s Creative Director. “Searching for unusual combinations, new structures, surprising sounds − it’s a challenge every time.

It also lets us pull out all the stops − both strategically and creatively − and no
production is quite like the previous one.”

SMACK TRAX currently consists of 15 basic cuts and tons of mixouts. The series is also perfect for producing traditional CHR formats − thus, without the urban touch. Plus, the package includes a very extensive range of service beds for news, weather and traffic.

Smack Trax, CHR Jingles With Urban Flavour @BrandyJingles

BRANDY Jingles launches SMACK TRAX, the European jingle producer’s first urban CHR package. The jingles are a blend of the latest hit sounds and urban accents.

The 10 cuts are on air at MNM, the youth station of the public broadcaster VRT.

“This is the best package I’ve ever been able to launch,” are the words of MNM programme director, Rino Ver Eecke.

Jingles should reinforce the brand and equip DJs with tools for generating a perfect flow. Smack Trax are the perfect jingles for CHR stations − and for MNM, Brandy added an extra urban flavour. These jingles combine great recognisability with a unique identity.

Rino Ver Eecke (MNM’s network head): “At the briefing of a new station imaging, a radio producer feels all alone in a desert of sounds. Until you hear the first demos … that’s one of the most exciting moments! I’ve launched jingle packages on several different stations positive reactions as now. Kudos, Brandy!”

Visit http://www.brandy-jingles.com