Broken Air 4; The answer to your production addiction


If you have been working with one of the earlier editions of Broken Air, chances are you’re already addicted to the sound of it. And you’re not the only one! Imaging directors all over the world want it even bigger and fatter and Broken Air 4 is going to deliver just that.

This new library from Sticky FX in The Netherlands has 250 brand new FX and work parts for CHR, Hot AC and Greatest Hits formats. Whether you’re creating an new ID or promo for your station, Broken Air 4 has all the tools you need. 

Including Breakers, Air Breakers and Low Breakers that are great to cut up or separate different messages and have an enormous amount of punch. Get subtle with the great Glitches or barge in with the hi-energy Starters. Create a natural flow in your production with the Whoosh Hits or end it with a bang with the Stoppers. Or make an impressive entrance with the Take Offs and Drones and last but not least you will find 25 beds that will make your promos sizzle with the sound of today.

Broken Air 4 is the fourth library in this series and all libraries are including Broken Air X-Mas also available in a friendly priced bundle. Broken Air 4 is a Sticky FX and Streemmedia collaboration.

This new library is available for download now with 25% introduction discount for a limited time only.

Checkout the audio demo:

download it immediately at: