2021’s First Funk for Radio Imaging Producers is Here


A brief overview of the radio imaging sound effects library Hatch 4! Well suited for funky radio imaging, but also for any other style of radio imaging.

In the tradition of Dodo FX’s uniquely egg-hilarating radio imaging FX packages for producers, comes another big hatch, the first funk for 2021.

Dodo FX Hatch 4 Funky Radio Imaging is a brand new FX package that comes over 100 stand out radio imaging effects.

Not just for the funky stations, it is for every radio station that wants to edge out the others in this age of extinction level competition.

It’s the oomph your station’s sound needs this year, the Dodo FX Hatch 4 Funky Radio Imaging.

Available now at a friendly $99.00 price tag at www.dodofx.com or use the link below.