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2021’s First Funk for Radio Imaging Producers is Here

A brief overview of the radio imaging sound effects library Hatch 4! Well suited for funky radio imaging, but also for any other style of radio imaging.

In the tradition of Dodo FX’s uniquely egg-hilarating radio imaging FX packages for producers, comes another big hatch, the first funk for 2021.

Dodo FX Hatch 4 Funky Radio Imaging is a brand new FX package that comes over 100 stand out radio imaging effects.

Not just for the funky stations, it is for every radio station that wants to edge out the others in this age of extinction level competition.

It’s the oomph your station’s sound needs this year, the Dodo FX Hatch 4 Funky Radio Imaging.

Available now at a friendly $99.00 price tag at www.dodofx.com or use the link below.


New Dodo FX Radio Imaging FX Package Has Just Hatched #Hatch3

Dodo FX has just released Hatch 3

The three musketeers… the three little pigs… the three wise men… all good things come in threes!
Dodo FX proudly presents: Hatch 3!

A brand new radio imaging library, containing over 100 radio imaging effects to behead your competition.

Instant download now at https://dodofx.com/product/hatch-3-radio-imaging-library

It’s A Must Have FX Package for Every Radio Producer, Download For FREE Now

Dodo fx presents Dododots

50 small…but powerful radio imaging sound effects.

Excellent to DOT the ‘i’s and cross the ‘t’s.

And best of all…

DODODOTS is absolutely FREE!

Ready to connect the DOTS?

Go to ‘my account’ on Dodofx.com, register and download Dododots for free!

E-mail information will not be shared or sold to third parties!

Here’s A Very Unique Holiday FX Package, And You’ll Love It


T’is the season to be jolly, Do do do do do, do do do do

Dodo fx presents over 50 unique holiday imaging sounds. (just over 69, but less then 71)

Do do do: ready to go imaging sounds containing the ‘elements’ of Christmas.

Do do do, for a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

Dodo FX Rock Chicks, Alive and ‘chicking’!

Dodo fx presents: Smoking Simone, Beastie Bridgett, Dirty Diana and over 150 other incredible Rock Chicks.
Rock and alternative radio imaging sound effects that will kick your station’s butt.

Dodo fx Rock Chicks come in Part 1, 2 and 3 or…
Get the Full Pack, all 3 parts for the special introductory price of $99.

The Dodo Rock Chicks are already on 102.1 The Edge.
One of the most powerful new rock radio stations in Toronto Canada.

Visit www.dodofx.com

Alert! The Competition Will Go Extinct With These FX Libraries + PLUS Free FX

Overloaded with production works in the middle of the holidays, while the rest of the world are enjoying it – not a new thing for hard-core radio producers.

But production does not have to be such a tedious, boring thing to do even in the holidays. In 2015, it’s exciting that we get to see new production FX libraries emerging that not only make great radio sound but makes production work for producers a lot easier.

Dodo FX launched this year and the feedback from the community is just positive. Why? The sounds are just so unique, but modern and packs a lot of punch.

And here is more about their latest hatch with swamp sauce processing.

All of the original Dodo imaging effects have been cooked in their special processing ‘swamp sauce’…and now, they are ready to cut through everything!

On top of that, The Dodo’s created 100 extra Dodo fx, so that’s over 300 high quality imaging effects that will lift your productions to the next level.

Crazy Dodo wings, Dodo nozzles, Dodo tails, Small Dodo’s, Extra Small Dodo’s And Big fat Dodo’s…and…best of all, Dodo fx Hatch 1 ‘with swamp sauce’ is available for exactly the same price! Yes, that’s way more stuff for the same price!

And for the small budgets, they offer a Dodo fx sample mini pocket pack.

50 Hatch 1 imaging sounds for only $49… with all that processing sauce!

Dodo fx are specially made for today’s professional, innovative, creative, weirdo, freaky, passionate imaging believers and their audience.

Get these unique imaging sounds today, and your competition is as dead as a Dodo!

Dodo fx is delivered via download in 48 KHz 24 bit resolution.
Go to www.dodofx.com

Get the Dodo Free Pack here