JOE’s AC Jingle Package 2020 – Sonic Branding at its very best @BrandyJingles


The Belgian AC station JOE sounds brand new. BRANDY Jingles (Brussels) created the sonic branding: an extensive jingle package that builds on the ‘Joe All  the Way’ musical theme while reflecting Joe’s musical promise ‘Your Greatest Hits’  even better than before. The result is a contemporary package that fits with the  greatest hits of the past 50 years, but, at the same time, makes a strong connection to the sound of today. 

The sound that Brandy has created for Joe breathes positivity and goes with the station’s  very wide and eclectic selection of musical styles: rock by the Stones to disco by the Bee  Gees, new wave by The Cure to Latino pop by Shakira, ballads by Céline Dion to electro  dance by Daft Punk, to the hits from today’s charts. 

The contemporary touch was very important in the production,” says Tom Van der Biest,  Creative Director at Brandy. “Joe plays a lot of classics but chooses to sound like a  station that is very close to what is happening right here and now. In addition, the jingles  give the station its own unique and instantly recognizable sound. That’s sonic radio  branding at its very best.” 

Here’s how the new jingles sound: