Radio Express offers free 1 month access to The UK Chart Show


Radio Express, the global leader in radio programming and services, has announced it is offering free 1 month access to the popular syndicated radio show The UK Chart Show.

Here is the statement from Jessica D’Agostin, President of Sales, Radio Express:

With air-talent and producers now working remotely, we understand that creating consistent, high-quality shows is becoming more challenging.

Here at Radio Express, we want to do everything we can to help you get through these troubling times.

That’s why we want to offer you one-month free access to The UK Chart Show.

For one month, you can treat your listeners to the top 30 UK charts in this fast-paced, engaging show for FREE.

Email subscribers to Radio Express were given instruction on how to get free 1 month access to The UK Chart Show. To be an email subscriber to Radio Express, visit the page here or follow the instructions below in inquiring about The UK Chart Show.

Open this page Listen to the demo and then click the Yes! Send me more info button, type in your details, then hit Send button.

About The UK Chart Show.

Each week, the biggest celebrity guests in the world join in the studio for a catch up while Scott plays the hottest 30 songs in this fast-paced, 2-hour show. RadioMonitor compiles The UK Chart Show data from airplay on the UK’s most influential stations including BBC Radio 1, Heart, and Hits Radio.

Your listeners demand hit music and this show delivers the freshest hits each and every week. The UK Chart Show is produced by Blue Revolution in London and available exclusively from Radio Express.

The UK Chart Show Demo

Radio Express, this month has also launched a new radio show titled The Most Hated Songs.

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