Social Distancing Radio Imaging Copy


Copy: Social distancing tip number seven hundred and forty five, someone getting too close, just do this, [cough], a message from 98.5 The Beat.

Ad libbed sweeper produced by Rene C for Univision San Antonio. Voice by Jeff Berlin.

New Radio Initiative in Italy Brings Hope, Comfort in the form Art

This new temporary stay at home condition is allowing everyone to rediscover an “art” that was seemingly being neglected.

“The art of staying at home on Zipnews’ is a new radio project created with the aim of giving voice to people who have rediscovered a passion or even “invented” a new pastime while remaining in their own homes. 

The idea is to submit to the editorial staff their stories of coping. From learning and rediscovering traditional arts such as painting, music or cinema to unconventional arts such as culinary art or sport.

The Zip Group FM radio  network will be involved, as  well as web  broadcasters like Radio GTT, the radio of the Turin Metro.  

Starting Monday 30 March, a dedicated radio segment will air interesting stories by listeners. All the stories will also be available in the online newspaper