Radio Imaging Pro has found the best FX pack for AC and Hot AC stations


Glide 4 now used in Omroep Brabant, The Netherlands

Radio imaging pro and founder of Sonic Spring Maurice Verschuuren has shared his thoughts on the AC Imaging FX Library Glide from – it is a package that is according to him gives unlimited possibilities. The Glide library already has four volumes and all are highly recommended for AC, Hot AC and even News Talk radio producers and imaging directors.

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Omroep Brabant, The Netherlands
Format: News/Talk-AC Hybrid

Maurice Verschuuren, Imaging Producer Omroep Brabant and founder of Sonic Spring: “Wow! Again, this is by far the best FX pack for AC and Hot AC stations. I have all the Glide editions in my arsenal and they are my go-to libraries whenever I produce for stations with an AC format. Glide 4 is a well-crafted addition to the Glide series; it has fresh and creative new FX but all with a classy and adult sound. These work parts give you unlimited possibilities for creating sweeps, promo’s and power intros. All the FX blend in perfectly with today’s AC and Hot AC music. A must have for any producer or imaging director in these kind of formats.”