A big win for radio in the age of homepod


With iOS 13 we can ask Siri to play over 100,000 radio stations to listen to them on iPhone and iPad, but Apple has already started supporting them.

The ability to listen to over 100 thousand radio stations with Siri will come with iOS 13 , but Apple has already activated this new feature. The early arrival of radio stations with Siri is signaled by the developers and users who are using iOS 13 in beta.

Thanks to this function we can for example ask the voice assistant “Siri play the radio station”, followed by the name of our favorite radio station whether it is national or foreign. In this way instead of the Beats 1 or the restricted catalog now available for listening on iPhone, iPad and even HomePod (where available), we will have over 100 thousand internet radio stations available through TuneIn, iHeartRadio and Radio.com services.

It is always streaming internet radio and not the actual AM, FM or DAB broadcasters, but considering the vastness of the offered catalog it is very likely that we will be able to follow and listen to the web version of our favorite local stations.

The early functioning of the radio stations with Siri is reported in Germany, and also in the USA and beyond, thus allowing a hypothesis of activation on a global scale. Not surprisingly, Cupertino has already activated support for Siri radio stations even with iOS 13 still in the early beta stages and several months ahead of the release of the final version expected in the fall.

The multinational is working to perfect all the details and new features of its iPhone operating system to be ready for launch without a hitch. The final version of iOS 13 for all will arrive in September to coincide with the launch of the new iPhone 2019, with the heirs of the iPhone XS Max, XS and iPhone XR .