The biggest podcasts and dance mix shows choose him for their epic openers


Podcast and radio show openers sound design by Dion Posdijk. Radio Imaging FX Libraries used

  • ASOT Tormorroland
  • Trance Around The World
  • Days Like Night Radio
  • Global DJ Broadcast SiriusXM
  • Tomorrowland Radio
  • Sun Dance Radio
  • Colourizon Miss Melera
  • Electric Daisy Carnival EDC Radio


About Dion Posdijk

Sound Designer (radio imaging, trailers) & Broadcast Engineer (radio, streaming media)

1. Station sound, music editing/mixing, radioimaging and branding productions and freelance projects at. KINK-FM, Skyradio, NPO,

2. Broadcast engineer for global radio/streaming projects like. Tomorrowland Radio, ADE, A STATE OF TRANCE, TATW, Group Therapy Radio, I AM Hardwell, Dance Valley, Future Sound Of Egypt.

3. Acoustic engineering recording studio’s. And home-studio consultancy for the dutch voice-over community. Services: Acoustical room measurements, Designing voice booth’s, Protools and DAW support. Setting up recording equipment like mic’s pre-ams and voice processing, Pro Tools processing templates.

4. Audio post-production for TV ads online video’s, Awards show trailers. All productions are mixed compliant to the new EBU R 128 audio norm.

5. Audio processing consult for FM radio, TV broadcast audio (EBU R 128) and streaming media. 14 years of experience with audio processing products from Orban, 222a 8200 8400 8500HD 8600FM PCI1100 1101. Symetrix, 528 528E Airtools. Warsanis 1400 (black) 1400FM-M2. Omnia, 3FMT, 6FM Coded audio Omnia A/XE. Breakaway FM. AMS Neve, 33609/J

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