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Influential Imaging Director and WLTW Morning Show Host are guests on new “Chachi Loves Everybody” Podcast

Two new episodes of “Chachi Loves Everybody,” a unique podcast produced by Benztown and featuring Benztown President and audio brand builder Dave “Chachi” Denes, have been made accessible as of today, according to Benztown, a global leader in radio imaging, voiceover, programming, and jingles. The new episodes contain Chachi’s recent conversations from Benztown’s Los Angeles studios with Christine Nagy, Co-Host of “Cubby and Christine Mornings” on 106.7 LITE FM/WLTW in New York City, and Jake Kaplan, Director of Imaging and Sound Design, Audacy, Inc.

Visit https://bit.ly/ChachiLovesEverybody to listen to the most recent episodes of the podcast.

In “Chachi Loves Everybody,” Denes, also known as “Chachi,” sits down for open dialogue with radio’s icons, master brand builders, rising creators, and innovators in the developing audio arena, sharing the real tales behind their experiences.

In Jake Kaplan’s podcast episode, Jake tells Chachi how he progressed from taking calls at a nearby Seattle studio to being one of the most important sound designers in the field today. Additionally, he talks about working with Kevin Weatherly, Dave Richards, and Lisa Worden, moving to Los Angeles on a whim to work at renowned radio stations like KROQ, JACK-FM, and 97.1 AMP Radio, and what it was like to run the backstage operations for the first radio festival events.

Christine Nagy talks candidly about what it was like to watch 9/11 live from New York City’s Z100 morning show during Chachi’s interview with Christine Nagy. She also discusses how working with Martha Stewart on Sirius XM manifested, how her relationship with the famous Paul “Cubby” Bryant helped define her on-air style, and her impending acting endeavors with Chachi.

Available now on Spotify, TuneIn, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and other podcast platforms is “Chachi Loves Everybody.”

Benztown, McVay Media Launch Timely Podcast about Recovery with Host Matt Pinfield

Benztown + McVay Media Podcast Networks announces that it has launched a new podcast today, Sound, Sobriety & Success, hosted by Matt Pinfield, renowned Rock journalist, national television and radio personality, and music executive. The former MTV host – currently heard on hundreds of radio stations across the country as host of Westwood One’s Rock radio show, “Flashback” – has been a fixture in the music scene for three decades and has been on the road to recovery along the way, with a little help from his friends. Vocal about his sobriety journey, Pinfield talks to people from all walks of life who have hit rock bottom and are finding their way back from addiction in this inspiring podcast. Kicking off the Sound, Sobriety & Success podcast are Pinfield’s guests Jeff Jampol, Dr. Drew Pinsky, and Shireen Janti, with upcoming episodes to feature Matt Sorum, drummer for Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver, and sports agent Leigh Steinberg.

Matt Pinfield, Host of Sound, Sobriety & Success, said: “Living clean and sober is a beautiful gift for those of us who have struggled with addiction. Through this podcast, I am grateful to share the success stories of people in recovery to help others fight and understand their battles with alcoholism and addiction. I want to help people identify similarities in others’ stories to understand how they have successfully made their life changes.” He added: “This podcast is a natural for me, as I have been transparent about my own struggles and journey in recovery and how it has completely changed my life for the better. I think this podcast is a great way to be of service through storytelling – sharing the faith, strength and hope that many of my contemporaries and friends have experienced.”

Pinfield explained: “The success we are speaking to in Sound, Sobriety & Success is not financial, but success in living your life in a manner that moves you forward in a positive direction. It is important that we let people who are struggling know that they can do it and are not alone. Through the experiences of others, they can become their own architects in a new design for life – a life that is about progress, not perfection.”

Dave “Chachi” Denes, Producer and Co-Founder, Benztown + McVay Podcast Networks, commented: “The Sound, Sobriety & Success podcast is all about open and honest discussions about recovery and addiction, and offers raw and unfiltered information and insight, paired with deep empathy, compassion and support to anyone living with addiction and trying to turn their lives around. As producer of Matt’s successful Rock radio show, “Flashback”, nationally syndicated by Westwood One, we are proud to produce this inspiring new podcast that takes listeners on the journey to sobriety and brings light to a topic often cloaked in darkness.”

Listen to the first three episodes of Sound, Sobriety & Success featuring host Matt Pinfield debuting now, with Matt’s special guests Jeff Jampol, Dr. Drew, and Shireen Janti on all major podcast platforms and at: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/sound-sobriety-and-success-with-matt-pinfield/id1629471594. Fans can expect a new episode every other Monday.

Jeff Jampol is a Grammy-winning and Emmy-nominated producer who serves as the CEO of JAM, Inc, managing well-known bands, artists, and their estates. Jampol is also a longtime outspoken advocate on the power of sobriety and has played an important part in Pinfield’s own recovery. They discuss their mutual love for rock music, advice for those who are seeking recovery, and the biggest misconceptions about addiction.  

Dr. Drew Pinsky, known nationally as “Dr. Drew,” has been a ubiquitous fixture both on television and radio for the entirety of his multifaceted career. Passionate about treating addicts and helping them live sober lives, Dr. Drew was a vital part of the team that helped Matt Pinfield with his own recovery. Listen as longtime friends Matt and Dr. Drew delve into the myths and misunderstandings of addiction to erase the stigma behind it and shine a light on realistic paths to recovery. 

Shireen Janti is the Senior Director of Mental Health & Addiction Services at MusiCares and helps to provide mental health and addiction recovery to music professionals. As a former addict who has long been in recovery, Shireen seeks to help others who are struggling and is an advocate for women who are stuck in unsafe or unhealthy situations. Matt speaks with Shireen about their shared love for the entertainment business, music, and giving back to those who are in need.

For more information, contact Susan Aksu, Benztown + McVay Media Podcast Networks, sa@benztown.com, 818.842.4600. 

Reel2Media launch podcast version of Alexa Skill, ‘Yak Talk Back!’

Following its successful launch as an Amazon Alexa Skill – Yak Talk Back! – the interactive  audio experience designed to help parents learn about their children’s day, is now also available as a podcast. 

The podcast version will help families without smart speaker access to experience the  benefits of Yak for themselves and help take the concept to a wider audience as well as  making it more mobile. 

Produced in consultation with learning experts, Yak Talk Back! is a fun, interactive question  experience that combines character voices with original music. Together they create a  stimulating and enjoyable environment where children can express their feelings and  thoughts whilst having fun as a family. 

Led by the friendly and lovable character Yak, each episode comprises a short story from  Yak followed by three questions – purposefully selected to help kids (and their parents) talk  about their day and express their feelings, while developing their social, conversational and  critical thinking skills. 

Talking about the decision to make Yak available as a podcast, Reel2Media Content  Development Director Chris Kelly said: “Since launching Yak earlier this year the user  feedback has been really positive. But while the number of households with access to a  smart speaker is continually rising, we regularly receive comments from parents who tell us  they would love to play Yak with their kids but don’t yet have a smart speaker. By adding the  Yakcast we are able to now make Yak accessible to all, helping more parents better  communicate with their kids while spending fun quality time together. We really believe  we’ve hit on something special with Yak and want other families to experience it for  themselves.” 

New podcast episodes are added daily so families can expect a fresh Yak experience and  different questions every day. 

You can listen and download Yak Talk Back! wherever you get your podcasts. Amazon  Alexa users can just say “Alex, open Yak Talk Back!” to get the action started. 

It’s good to talk, but it’s even better to Yak! For more info, visit https://reel2media.com/project/yak-talk-back/

Podcast – Trends, Data and Habits in 2019

According to Bloomberg , Apple intends to allocate funds for podcasters that produce original content for their podcasting app. The move certainly serves the Cupertino company to keep up with other streaming music services , Spotify in the first place, which have been investing in subscription content such as podcasts for some time  . It is impossible, however, not to notice how encouraging the use of Apple podcasts by providing new, interesting content, of value could increase the stickiness of a device like the iPhone and – in a virtuous or vicious circle according to the prospects – more time spent on the smartphone means more likely to use paid services among those available in the Apple Store and, even further downstream, more opportunities for Apple to monetize on the ad present on its market store. In short, it is difficult to think that behind a decision like this, if really confirmed, there is no awareness of how podcast listening has grown over time.


Today, one in two Americans has listened to at least one podcast in their lives.

listening to growing podcasts

One of the most complete studies on podcast consumption remains, however, that of Edison Research: even if the results are still in 2017 it clearly shows how podcast listening has literally duplicated itself in five years  – from 2013 to 2017 in fact – especially in an age group, that of 18-34 year olds, less tied up for reasons of age to the consumption of traditional media like radio and television and that there is a good slice of Americans, around 40%, who usually listens to more than three podcasts every week .

listening to weekly podcasts

More recently, a survey by Voxnest has tried to analyze, through a comparison,  how American listeners and European listeners approach podcasting. The only habit common to listening to podcasts from both sides of the ocean seems to be the preferred time: both Americans and Europeans wear headphones or ask their digital assistant to play the podcasts they are following especially at morning, in a time slot that goes from 7 to 9 and that corresponds to the moment in which you prepare yourself to leave the house and get in the car to go to work. The old drive timein short, it has turned into an ideal moment of the day to listen to podcasts of a completely different nature. After all, Europeans and Americans seem to have less compatible tastes: in the top five of the most popular podcast categories in the United States there are, in fact, religion , culture , sports , history and news , while Europeans seem to prefer podcasts to business theme , Culture, psychology, history and education .

listening to podcast categories US
podcast listening to EU categories

On the Net it is not difficult to come across guides and resources listening to « unmissable » podcasts or in charts that try to crown the best podcast producers (among these, according to Statista, there would be the NPR with audio files downloaded and reproduced over 140 million of times in May 2019, demonstrating that even public and non-profit services can profitably take advantage of the innovations coming from the digital world).


The success of podcasting only reinforces the hypothesis, supported by many, of a return to an oral era . Just think, in this sense, that every day an average of four hours would be spent listening to audio content of various kinds. The popularity of smart speakers has been identified as one of the main and most recent causes of this turnaround – when until a few years ago videos looked like the Eldorado of content marketing and entertainment – so much so that even podcasters seem to be reckoning today with increasingly pressing requests to make their content accessible on systems like Alexa or Google Home. For further information

Precisely the greater penetration of digital assistants and voice recognition systems are considered among the critical factors that will determine the future trends of podcasting , together for example with the greater investment by automotive companies in traveling entertainment and, again, the fact that one An increasingly large portion of marketing budgets could be targeted by companies in all sectors with  branded content , even in the form of branded podcasts  . All this not to mention that, if the advertisers have already spent over $ 470 million in podcast advertising this year, the podcast adv market   could grow by up to $ 1 billion by 2021, effectively encouraging the creation of more new and quality content.

Upstream, however, the popularity and success of podcasts seem to be determined by tastes, habits and media consumption that have profoundly changed compared to a few years ago, especially if you look at younger generations. For further information

The podcasts, in fact, escape the logic of the schedule and rather fall into that of an on demand consumption that allows the user-listener to choose even in the smallest detail of what will be done his media diet . Not only that: the percentage (about 40% of Americans) of those who say they listen to “the whole ” podcast – here understood as a finished and unitary product, rather than as a single episode – suggests that this format is also suitable for consumption avid of content: as the TV series fans are binge watching, in fact, even those who love podcasts never fails to make bellyfuls, hearing one episode after another. Podcasts, moreover, adapt to a vertical model of content distribution and are therefore able to satisfy even the most niche public’s tastes and interests . Often led by celebrities – Gwyneth Paltrow, for example, has her own series of inspirational podcasts – either from small Internet celebrities or, again, from experts and industry landmarks, finally, the more they offer added value and more exclusive content and more podcasts succeed (well) in user loyalty .

The biggest podcasts and dance mix shows choose him for their epic openers

Podcast and radio show openers sound design by Dion Posdijk. Radio Imaging FX Libraries used

  • ASOT Tormorroland
  • Trance Around The World
  • Days Like Night Radio
  • Global DJ Broadcast SiriusXM
  • Tomorrowland Radio
  • Sun Dance Radio
  • Colourizon Miss Melera
  • Electric Daisy Carnival EDC Radio

Visit www.dionposdijk.com

About Dion Posdijk

Sound Designer (radio imaging, trailers) & Broadcast Engineer (radio, streaming media)

1. Station sound, music editing/mixing, radioimaging and branding productions dionposdijk.com and freelance projects at. KINK-FM, Skyradio, NPO, Voicebooking.com

2. Broadcast engineer for global radio/streaming projects like. Tomorrowland Radio, ADE, A STATE OF TRANCE, TATW, Group Therapy Radio, I AM Hardwell, Dance Valley, Future Sound Of Egypt.

3. Acoustic engineering recording studio’s. And home-studio consultancy for the dutch voice-over community. Services: Acoustical room measurements, Designing voice booth’s, Protools and DAW support. Setting up recording equipment like mic’s pre-ams and voice processing, Pro Tools processing templates.

4. Audio post-production for TV ads online video’s, Awards show trailers. All productions are mixed compliant to the new EBU R 128 audio norm.

5. Audio processing consult for FM radio, TV broadcast audio (EBU R 128) and streaming media. 14 years of experience with audio processing products from Orban, 222a 8200 8400 8500HD 8600FM PCI1100 1101. Symetrix, 528 528E Airtools. Warsanis 1400 (black) 1400FM-M2. Omnia, 3FMT, 6FM Coded audio Omnia A/XE. Breakaway FM. AMS Neve, 33609/J

The Death of AM Radio

Japan has announced that they will be phasing out AM Radio in favor of FM and the digital format. In countries in South East Asia, however AM stations continue to exist, while some may thrive others are struggling to survive.

The struggle is in the local content, people now get their news straight from social media, which is news anchors are now shifting their strategy to Facebook live streams.

There is also been a shift now of news talk migrating to FM with hybrid formats like those in News FM and Brigada Network in the Philippines.

In the US, a major radio network is testing a new format, playing podcasts 247 on an AM station.

Speaking of podcast, streaming giant has made another big step in the world of audio. New acquisition in the podcast world by Spotify, after those of Gimlet Media and Anchor completed in the past months.

The audio streaming company has signed an agreement to buy Parcast, a storytelling-driven podcast study. Launched in 2016, it has 18 podcast series including Serial Killers, Unsolved Murders, Cults and Conspiracy Theories and the Mind’s Eye fiction. Parcast brings a loyalty audience to Spotify and the experience in the creation of crime-themed, sci-fi and story content as well as twenty new titles to be launched in the coming months.

A transaction is expected to close in the second quarter.

As Dawn Ostroff, Spotify Chief Content Officer explains, the new purchase is functional to the goal of becoming the main audio platform in the world, thanks to content such as mystery stories and mysteries that are at the top of users’ preferences.

Where To Get Custom Professional Podcast Intros and Outros

Podcasting has finally become mainstream and podcasters only want the best for their output.

But podcasts these days are not just aimed toward subscribers.

As a podcaster who wants to build a credible brand, your podcast sound need to appeal to advertisers, sponsors, donors and partners.

Now, there are a lot of affordable and good enough services out there but if you are seeking for a customized professional intro and outro for your podcast show, a seasoned radio producer and sound engineer is what you need.

You might think it is an overkill to get a sound engineer, you only need an intro.

However, Joe D’Agostin, audio imaging-branding producer and owner of SoundFreqz.com, believes in the principle of quality.

See, podcasts are consumed in a variety of ways – smartphones, wearables, home speakers, car audio systems, there is a science behind making sound “palatable” using different media or devices.

And sound designers like Joe understands this.

In addition to production, you need to have access to top voice talents, to make your podcasts sound larger.

And if you need assistance in copy or script writing, radio producers who have decades of radio experience can definitely help you.

Online, Google should you give plenty of choices for podcast intro and outro services. There are places however where you can fine tune your search.

1.) LinkedIn.com – type in keyword podcast intros outros, or podcasting show imaging should display a list companies or individuals and check out the testimonials.

2.) Voice Talent Directories – such as Voices.com should give a myriad options and most if not all can produce intros for you

3.) Radio Services Sites – websites like RadioExpress.com has everything you need from programming, sound libraries, and custom intros and outros for podcasts.

4.) Gig or Freelance sites – such as Upworth.com can also help you outsource your podcast imaging needs.

Now to cap off, why do you need a professional and seasoned producer for your podcast.

1.) You need your podcast to appeal not just to listeners but potential partners.
2.) You want your podcast to stand out.
3.) You keep listeners coming back and get more subscribers.

Listen to this demo by Joe D’Agostin of some his amazing works as an audio imaging producer. You can follow and connect with him on Twitter @SoundFreqz.

Or visit Radio Express using the link below to inquire about a custom intro, outros and in between IDs for your podcast.


Here is what clients have to say about Joe.

Joe is a unique producer, he starts by understanding your station to find ways to improve the fell and the ratings of your station! I recommend Joe for any kind of formats. I’ve used Joe for Magic 102.7 in Miami with tremendous rating success, and now same thing here in Montreal with The Beat 92.5 – Sam Zniber, Radio Intelligence VP & Strategic Consultant

I’ve had the privilege of working with Joe for the last few years imaging our station in Miami. His work is top notch and the audio he has produced for us really pops out of the speakers and makes the station sound great. He has great flexibility and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done right. Joe is a total pro and the real deal – Ken Payne, Radio Programming/Marketing/Social Media Pro

Disclaimer and disclosure.

This post is not sponsored by Joe D’Agostin, Sound Freqz or any brands or products mentioned in this website. Sound Freqz however was a former sponsor of this website.