This Major AC Radio Network Continues to Dominate Using ReelWorld Jingles



The Philippines’ leading adult contemporary FM radio network, Easy Rock, continues to be the top choice of listeners in the country when it comes to easy listening and feel good music. For more than 4 years, Easy Rock airs their official ReelWorld package.

Easy Rock is an AC music radio brand of Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC). Because of radio proprietorship rules, it is being worked by radio system Cebu Broadcasting Company (which holds a minority stake in MBC). Its primary studios are situated in Star City Complex, Pasay City, Metro Manila, offering offices to MBC and its offshoots (Pacific Broadcasting Systems and Radyo Natin Network); with seven local stations situated all through the Philippines.

The Easy Rock Network opened on May 18, 2009. The arrangement of the Easy Rock Network began with an underlying rebrand of the recently gained DWRK radio station, which MBC purchased from the ACWS-United Broadcasting Network on October 6, 2008. The Easy Rock brand was later extended by rebranding various previous Yes FM stations, Love Radio and Hot FM stations to Easy Rock.

The organization of Easy Rock looks like that of WRocK, with “less talk, not so much advertisements but rather more music”. For stations in Asia, get in touch with a rep at

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