Back to the Music Faster 6 Radio Jingles (Spoken Sweeper)


Radio listeners, terrestrial or internet have shorter attention spans.

So you need them radio sweepers to be quick too but at the same bring home the message.

Here are 6 radio sweepers (spoken radio jingles) to help you just that, bridge between a break into another music sweep.

Be it from a commercial break or promo spiel, you need to do it fast.

Check em out

Just seconds away from the hits

Hold on, new music coming up

Hang tight, we got the hits

Back to the music faster

That was fast, now heres another hit

The jingles use the free fx from Sticky FX

Get the files using the link below

Get it here Free FX

6 Radio Jingles Back to Music Faster link 1

6 Radio Jingles Back to Music Faster link 2

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