50 Audio Production Effects


Radio production is also music production, so it is no surprise that most of the production elements we find in production libraries are inspired by the tools used by pros when they create chart topping hits.

Of course you don’t need the most expensive libraries out there to get started with your radio production.

There are plenty resources out that there are free to use.

And they go well with any DAW, Ableton, Pro Tools, or just plain Adobe Audition.

Effects like risers are good to use to build up excitement for a promo.

Downrisers help you lead a radio production to its punctuation.

Ambient or drone effects are perfect underscores.

The team at Antidote is giving away 50 production effects. Check out using the link below

(copy paste this link to your browser)


Take note this link requires that you login using your SoundCloud account.

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