They’ve Been Using ReelWorld Jingles Since 2014, Now They’ve Turned Up Feel Good Even Further



Heart UK turn up the feel good with ReelWorld

The UK’s biggest commercial radio network, Heart, have updated their station sound with a jingle and imaging re-fresh created by the team at ReelWorld in Europe.

The Global station has been airing ReelWorld jingles since 2014 and the new sound includes more creative imaging elements as well as the distinctive Heart sonic logo.

ReelWorld Managing Director Anthony Gay commented: “It’s been an absolute pleasure to support the evolution of the Heart brand with this new audio branding. Our team had a lot of fun with the freedom the brief offered and the end result is filled with surprises whilst the signature Heart sonic logo still punches through.”

The Heart branding package follows on from new ReelWorld created jingle packages for BBC Radio Scotland, SLAM! in The Netherlands, and Sydney’s 2DAYFM. The ReelWorld team also created this year’s BBC Radio 1 Summer Mixes.

You can also turn up your station’s imaging into a new level, visit, for stations in Asia and the Pacific, get in touch with Ricky.

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