This is the new 4G Radio, yup, there’s FM, AM, DAB and Internet Radio


It looks like just a vintage model radio, but it’s a revolution probably destined to change the way you listen to music and programs but also to surf the internet. Here is the 4G Radio, a whole “made in Italy” invention courted by the electronic giants of half the world and whose first copies are already on sale on Amazon.

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When Eugenio Finardi composed one of his immortal successes, “the radio”, he probably could not imagine that within a few decades would be “out of fashion” phrases like “with the radio you can write, read or cook, because you do not he must be still there sitting there watching. ” On the other hand, the 4G Radio looks at itself: on the contrary, the exceptionally clean sound offers above all the total interaction with the world of the web. As if to say that you can listen – and above all to see – the images of the favorite songs inserted in their own play list, you can talk to the radio station chosen asking the DJ to broadcast all the songs of a band or an author he wants to sing his heart out loud.

The revolution is in a 4G card, the same that is commonly used for the latest generation of smartphones: in practice, the radio of the future simultaneously transmits stations on the FM band, on the Web and on the infinite high fidelity DAB frequencies. On the contrary, the invention lies in a plate with a “secret” content developed by the Roman engineers of the Radionovelli group, who have patented a system that can mix the various transmission systems at a planetary level. Therefore, the listener will not seem to be able to hear the favorite radio station even after climbing over the Alps, or to “see” the band or singer requested in a video transmitted in the display on the title page which also contains other elements selected: as the text, the appointment at the next concert.

“We have invested a million euros in research and development of Radio 4G – says entrepreneur Paolo Novelli, who runs a historic family shop in Viale Libia in Rome as well as other points of sale in the capital, but now decided to focus on the virtual store that will bring the 4G model to be marketed in every corner of the planet – also because the functions it will have are really incredible: for example, an elderly person or alone at home can be seen online by the specialist, but we are going to activate the function for the deaf that will allow you to “read” the musical texts on the karaoke model inside the display and receive special impulses to the rhythm of the transmitted music. Not to mention that today the Radionovelli 4G is equipped with an attack for connection to Hi-Fi speakers and also reads CD and DVD”.

Produced by the Italian company Axis, this tricolor jewel promises to offer on-air interactive entertainment, dynamic e-commerce and listener-friendly promotions.

For fans, here are some technical characteristics indicated by the manufacturer:

Always on infrastructure: thanks to the patented web radio module and the use of the 4G data network, the radio guarantees listening and viewing even in the absence of an FM / DAB signal. In fact, it uses the mobile Internet connection of the Android® operating system;

4G network: just get a data SIM of any mobile operator to open your own entertainment world;

Integrated touch display and webcam: the presence of the touch display and webcam allows the use of applications such as Apple Music, YouTube, Skype, to browse the Web and to reproduce multimedia contents present on optical and digital media;

Artist Mode: through a voice command it is possible to request the listening and viewing of any content present on the Net or on radio stations;

Continuous Artist Mode: every time you listen to a song, for example on Spotify, just touch the “continuous artist” button to activate a series of links to radio stations that transmit at that time other songs by the same author or to download other contents from the same artist from YouTube.

Gracenote: the agreement signed with Gracenote allows free access to all information related to your favorite artist: if you listen to a CD or you are watching a DVD, the system automatically recognizes the content and makes other information available such as the title of the album of the author, the lyrics, the video of a concert, another film by the same director.

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