This Is Why It’s Hard to Beatmatch These Songs – Migos Flow on Pop Music


4 years ago, Migos became a household name after it topped the Billboard Charts with the smasher Versace.

The song became a classic favorite, which resulted in the rise of a one of a kind rap technique and that is called the triplet.

The triplet, is also now known as “Migos flow” takes place when 3 syllables are heard in a rap in just one beat.

It has become so famous to the point that all pop songs with rap on it nowadays are utilizing it, which most of the time is successful.

Kendrick rapped in this type of rap flow on one of the most talked about moments of his newest album, Damn. to add Chance the Rapper also used the triples rap style for Coloring Book’s intro track.

Watch the material here which explains how this triplet style of rapping came to be and its evolution to becoming the most used style in hiphop since the first albums of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Three 6 Mafia and in the 1990s.

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