Z100 Logo-Energized Sweepers Jump Out of Speakers With These Imaging FX @StickyFX


JLucio Scarpa, Imaging Director Radio Globo is among the latest to be awestricken by the new king of imaging effects libraries, the new Rex FX from Sticky FX.

Doing imaging for more than 2 decades JLucio shared his experience with the new library. And it works terrific with their Z100 sonic-logo infused sweepers.

“I’m an imaging director for Rome’s Radio Globo since 1995 so I’ve seen and heard my share of production libraries but Rex FX is something else!

With Rex FX my productions jump into the high quality level.

It’s the perfect combination of fx and work parts.

I really like the Starters in the package, they give me the ability to start ID’s and promos with more energy.

Also the Impacts give your station a powerful sound.

Rex FX gives your imaging more freshness and an aggressive edge which is perfect for the CHR sound of Radio Globo.

Love working with this new Sticky FX library. All the fx are usable, no filler stuff!”

When you’re creating an audio brand for your station, you want it to sound distinctive so it can be easily recognized in a diary and PPM markets. So why choose the same sound fx libraries as your competitor or a sound-a-like? You want your brand’s name to stand out and have recall!

Get the Rex FX library here.

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