Get These 200 Imaging FX for Hot AC and AC Radio Now @LilMonsterMedia


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‘Bubblefuzz’ – an imaging FX package developed specifically for AC & Hot AC imaging formats.

200 imaging FX elements including all the usual suspects; beats, breakers, combos, drones, hits, light hits, risers, sucks, whooshes and wipes.

No noise. No trash. A crystal clear shot of FX pleasure without the dirty, shameful hangover. Just a bit of fuzz….


About Lil Monster Media

Little Monster Media is an audio production company that specialises in audio imaging and sound design FX for radio, TV and multimedia.

Founder and Creative Director Adam Venton’s imaging work has airred on some of the biggest radio brands and imaging services in the world, including IMGR, BBC Radio 1, Benztown, Heart, NRK and UKRD amongst others.

Adam has been part of two Sony Gold station of the year wins (<100,000), and was recognised on the prestigious Radio Academy '30 Under 30' list in 2013. He has also won several Radio & Production magazine 'Editor's Choice' awards, and recently picked up a VOX Events award for 'Best Use Of Music' in June 2016.

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