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Little Monster Media FX Audio Bricks Launched


AudioBricks is the new product line from Little Monster Media FX, focussing on giving all audio producers maximum flexibility for minimal cost. Little Monster Media responded to the wishes of a lot of producers and customers in providing small, FX-specific volumes for a small buyout fee.



Just need some new impacts, but none of the other FX in a traditional package? Little Monster Media got you covered. Or some wipes for video transitions? Cool, that is covered too. With AudioBricks, you can grab only what you need for a set buyout price of £9.99 per volume. No subscriptions full of elements you don’t need or want, no ongoing fees. Just the FX you want.


The nature of AudioBricks enables all producers the opportunity to be as creative (or simple) as they like, making it the perfect series for multimedia and video producers, as well as podcasters and radio/audio imaging producers. Use as they are right out of the box, or combine to create something unique. 

Volumes will be added continuously over the coming months. Each volume will always be x10 FX, and always for £9.99. 

AudioBricks volumes are available for instant download via the Little Monster Media shop or directly at: https://littlemonstermedia.co.uk/shop?category=AudioBricks

RRP: £9.99 / $12.83 USD per volume.

Retrograde, the ‘Stranger Things’ of audio imaging FX, launches @LilMonsterMedia

Little Monster Media has just officially released the new audio imaging FX package Retrograde, for imaging, promos and commercials themed around not just the 80s, but 90s and the 2000s.

‘Retrograde’ is an audio imaging FX arsenal for retro, throwback and classic audio production. It gives audio producers all the tools they need to create great sounding audio imaging around the 80s, 90s and 2000s for radio, TV, multimedia, and podcasts right out of the box.

Over 150 imaging FX including:

30 Breakers / 25 Impacts / 20 Stagers / 20 Combos / 20 Wipes / 20 Risers / 20 Sucks / 10 Drones

If you’re creating audio around the 80s, 90s and 2000s, you need an FX package geared towards it.

You need Retrograde.

“The idea behind Retrograde was to create an FX arsenal geared specifically towards throwback/retro/nostalgia-themed audio programming, which seems to be everywhere and very popular right now. There aren’t many FX packages that cater specifically for that style outside of the major production libraries. We wanted to create a world-class resource that all audio producers, whether it be radio, podcast, video, whatever, can use at an affordable buyout price.”Adam Venton, Little Monster Media

Retrograde is available from 00:00 GMT 29th July 2019.

Download at: http://littlemonstermedia.co.uk/shop/retrograde
RRP: £139.99 / $175 USD – INTRO OFFER OF £119.99 ($150) FOR FIRST 30 DAYS

Introducing Impactipus from @LilMonsterMedia – a Tentacular Imaging FX Beast

‘Impactipus’ is the latest radio imaging FX creation from Little Monster Media – suitable for all radio and multimedia formats consisting of a vast collection of impacts, hits, slams and subs to give your productions punch, power, or just a little subtle punctuation.

Over 125 imaging FX elements split across four folders, enabling easy navigation to the type of sound you need, quickly;

Light – for subtle punctuation and layering,

Heavy – for power, impact and big sounding opens.

Complex – hits with more dirt and character to spice up any segue or transition,

Tuned – sub drops each with 12 mixouts A-G#, for massive hits in the key of your chosen music bed.

Impactipus will become your instant go-to product whenever you need a hit or impact of any kind.

Get it now at http://littlemonstermedia.co.uk/shop/lmm-fx-impactipus

FestiveFuzz from @LilMonsterMedia Has Seasonal Sparkles for Your Station

Listen here

‘Tis the season… time to get that festive imaging going on.

So to help you out, Little Monster Media created FestiveFuzz – a Christmas themed imaging FX package!

30 imaging FX elements with plenty of bells, chimes and seasonal sounds to give your station that seasonal sparkle.

And it’s also available on PRS usage agreement for UK networks.

Contact Adam now via littlemonstermedia.co.uk for details.

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Get These 200 Imaging FX for Hot AC and AC Radio Now @LilMonsterMedia

Listen here

‘Bubblefuzz’ – an imaging FX package developed specifically for AC & Hot AC imaging formats.

200 imaging FX elements including all the usual suspects; beats, breakers, combos, drones, hits, light hits, risers, sucks, whooshes and wipes.

No noise. No trash. A crystal clear shot of FX pleasure without the dirty, shameful hangover. Just a bit of fuzz….


About Lil Monster Media

Little Monster Media is an audio production company that specialises in audio imaging and sound design FX for radio, TV and multimedia.

Founder and Creative Director Adam Venton’s imaging work has airred on some of the biggest radio brands and imaging services in the world, including IMGR, BBC Radio 1, Benztown, Heart, NRK and UKRD amongst others.

Adam has been part of two Sony Gold station of the year wins (<100,000), and was recognised on the prestigious Radio Academy '30 Under 30' list in 2013. He has also won several Radio & Production magazine 'Editor's Choice' awards, and recently picked up a VOX Events award for 'Best Use Of Music' in June 2016.