AudioSweets .com Birthday Treats for October 2013


Hey it’s AudioSweets birthday celebration this month! They really wanted to fly, drive and boat you to the studio to have cake and presents with them…..but….well they didn’t…so…yeh…sorry about that!

However they have produced something even bigger for all their subscribers- they have doubled in size! Love our new sound design, breaks, sweet intros, shells, Xmas material, beds and a huge update on artist drops! There’s that and much more! Over 7000 audio files which is almost 3gb of producer p**n!

Station and groups are signing up every week….make sure you are signed up and have access too!

Click and contact our team to see how you could have a key to the sweet shop for our BIG 2nd Birthday!

**Check out the latest jingle demos too, as custom and re-sing packages will be available throughout October & November at their special “Birthday Rates”

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