Brain Freez Will Blow Your Mind


Sticky FX Brain Freez Official Demo 2013 by Radiojingles on Mixcloud

There are a lot of good FX libraries out there today. So what makes the newest library by Sticky FX so different from others? For this new package called Brain Freez the Dutch production team took on a completely different approach.

They didn’t start with producing sounds, they didn’t even start in their studio! First they picked up the phone and called with producers all over the world to listen. Listen to what they were saying they’re still missing in their imaging arsenal.

For example it turned out there still is a big need for short subtle breakers and also high pitched sweeps and tails. The guys from Sticky FX found out there was also a huge demand for elements that feature some beats combined with FX which are very helpful when creating promos.

The result of this extensive survey is a package containing 290 imaging FX and Work Parts that you asked for!

With loads of ‘Beat starters’ that help you get that promo on the way fast. ‘Breakers’ that do the job, but do the job in a smooth way. Of course some spectacular ‘Drones’ in various lengths and energy. ‘Fly Inns’ to soften transitions or to build tension in a subtle way.

Really tons of unique ‘Hits’, ‘Impacts’ and ‘Slams’ that help you start or end your piece fast and easy. There’s some ‘Risers’ that are awesome if you need some tension instantly. In the category ‘Signals’ you’ll find all the bleeps, buzzers, alarms and communication elements.

And by popular demand there’s loads of ‘Sweeps’ going up and down and flying by. And yes, lots of ‘m with long tails!

The package will have its worldwide premiere on New York’s 95-5 PLJ. WPLJ’S Creative Services Director Dan Kelly says: “I really like these FX! It’s a very multi-use package.”

So get Brain Freez now for your station! It’s now available as buy out for your station at

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