New Jingles: Rouge FM [AUDIO]


Puissance Production is ultimately proud of the fact that they just created an imaging package for a radio in Quebec City called “Rouge Fm”, it’s a young adult package, percussive and fresh, positive but not too aggressive.

There’s a sonic logo created exclusively for the station.

It sounds in its most part dance/pop but there’s some R’n’b vibe or pop/rock tune too.

“This is their first job on the North-American continent and I must say humbly that we’re very proud (I think you get that 😉 ) we hope to make
some more in the future,” says Arno BECHET, Attaché commercial, Puissance Production.

About Puissance Production

Puissance Productions is a French company specializing in sound design for radio stations, music for companies & brands, and radio advertising.

The company has produced radio imaging packages for some of Europe’s best radio stations like Direct FM, Radio Star, Kiss FM, MFM and Radio 8.



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